Players! Quick Story Collection (2 Of two)

Approaching the end of my second day. We put the back 5 yards behind the offensive linemen. We begin with the defender lined up in between the two linemen and the linebacker stacked. On the whistle, the offensive linemen will come off the ball, fit, and drive. They will have their eyes on the linebacker. If the linebacker fills frontside, the frontside lineman comes off the combo and suits the linebacker. The backside lineman will overtake the defensive lineman. One key teaching point is the lineman away from the backer fill should knock his associate off the combo. This keeps you from giving up leverage and getting break up. We also coach the offensive linemen to not chase. It also helps in quicker recovery when a person has been unwell. Bodily well being is achieved by maintaining health and well being through train and proper nourishment. There’s a graded inverse … Read more